Adirondack gold Pages
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Welcome to the Adirondack Gold Pages

Crown Point Telephone Corporation would like to welcome you to our local serving area which encompasses all of the Town of Crown Point as well as local calling into the neighboring Village of Port Henry and the Town of Ticonderoga.

Our Directory has been produced with the combined efforts of Crown Point Telephone staff, local visitors centers, Town Historians, Chambers of Commerce, and you, the residents. Not only is this directory in the traditional book format, there is an electronic version available on the World Wide Web at

Let us introduce you to the “Adirondack Gold Pages”. We decided to develop a product that would not only provide telephone number listings but also provide descriptions of what our area has to offer. We’ve included a taste of our Adirondack heritage and history, information about biking and birding trails, and more.

We have developed helpful informational pages such as community and county services listings, area code maps, and zip codes. And we have even included a 13 month calendar so you keep your appointments and important numbers right at hand. Our unique “Adirondack Gold Pages” offer a guide to products and services in our extended area in an easy to find format.

Our Directory was planned in such a fashion that would allow it to change with the Customers and Communities needs. Please take a few moments to browse through the pages. Your suggestions or comments are always welcome.


Customer Information
- Welcome to the Adirondack Gold Pages
- Emergency Numbers
- Business Office Information
- Nondiscrimination Statement
- Complaint Handling
- Dialing Information
- New York Relay Service
- New York State Dialing
- Toll Service Information
- Slamming and Cramming
- Do Not Call Registry
- Telemarketing Restrictions
- Facts on 900 Service
- Customer Bill of Rights
- Doing Business With Us
- Customer Testing (NID)
- Payment Allocations
- Dig Safely New York
- Custom Calling Features
- Moving or Building

- Federal Government Contacts
- New York State Contacts
- Community Service Numbers
- Essex County Service Numbers
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