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By Norm St.Pierre
Norm's Bait & Tackle

Here at the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains the town of Crown Point is nestled among many small brooks and remote mountain ponds teeming with native fish as well as stocked trout. Lake Champlain, the “Great Lake” of the Adirondacks, has Lake Trout, Salmon, Bass, Pan Fish and over 80 other species of fish with many excellent launch facilities.

In the early spring of the year start by the Lake Champlain Bridge area and point your boat north heading for the deeper and cooler part of the lake. Lake trout and salmon are a sure bet. You will not want to miss what mid-May and June hold in store for the adventurous fisherman ! South of the Lake Champlain Bridge the water is not as deep and has many favorite hide outs for walleye, pike panfish, catfish and a teeming abundance of both small & large mouth bass ! As mid June approaches you will hear many fishermen telling about last years "Big One" that got away. Lake Champlain is now a mecca for bass tournament competition from local right on up to national levels.

You may wish to explore inland fishing. Some of the best trout fishing around can be found in and around Putnam Creek. From the mouth on Lake Champlain head west up the creek and do not pass up a quiet pool or a fast moving rapid. Let your line drift around the rocks or near that sunken log. Follow the creek as it winds though the town of Crown Point and brings you to the County Fish Hatchery. The hatchery stocks our area streams with some of the best trout to be had. The County Hatchery has a Trophy Trout Program releasing some exceptional Brookies and Rainbows.

For those of you that prefer to combine back woods beauty and nature’s serenity our area has plenty of that for the determined fisherman. How do the following names wet your appetite for adventure and exploration: Lost Pond, Grizzly Ocean, and Clear Pond. These ponds can be found off Putnam Pond which is located just off route 74 between Ticonderoga and Schroon Lake. These are but a few of the wilderness ponds that can surprise you with some unforgettable fishing.
If you are wondering how to find out more about the local fishing and where the best spots might be, stop by Norm of Norm's Bait & Tackle on the Bridge Road in Crown Point. Norm can help you make the best choices for your fishing adventure. Quit Wishin’ ... Go Fishin’ !!

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